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Our Patient Stories

Andy’s Story

In February 2020 I was preparing myself for the second of three 500 meter dragon boat races when without warning I felt something was wrong, I became dizzy and passed out, plunging to the ground and coming to a minute or so later.   Many thoughts passed through my head – did I overdo it? was I dehydrated? Did I eat…

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My Participation in SOLVE CRT Clinical Trial by Paul Stewart

My journey to participation in the SOLVE CRT Clinical Trial commenced in 2016 following a heart attack at home in Tura Beach in November. Within days of this event, I was transferred by Ambulance from Bega Hospital to Canberra Hospital for an Angiogram procedure. The Angiogram detected three blockages, two of which had stents inserted on the same day, and…

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Paul Stewart

Michelle and Rob Nagle’s Breakthrough from Ventricular Tachycardia

My heart journey with Dr Pathak started almost three years ago. Following a move to the South Coast of NSW and setting up a new home, I was finding my energy levels were way down and it was an effort to walk up hills that normally would not trouble me, without becoming breathless and dizzy. I’d been lucky enough to…

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My Heart Story by Matthew McNeil

MY HEART STORY by Matthew McNeill In October 1994 I was gasping in the Emergency Department at Woden Hospital with an erratic pulse of 220 and blood pressure 60/40. In October 2020 I am able to ride my ebike 30 kilometres three times a week at age sixty. This is my journey. In 1994 I was a normal active 34…

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Heather’s Success in Heart Failure

I was 49 years old, at the gym 2-3 times a week and doing Pilates once a week… I was active and working… I’m not honestly sure when my symptoms started, but the key symptoms were always diagnosed as allergy related.  The symptoms that I now no longer have are as follows: Inability to walk up an incline or do…

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My Heart Story by Carolyn Toms

A few years ago I was walking to catch the bus to work when I tripped on a raised section of path and fell. There was no one around and when I checked myself I discovered I had fractured fingers on my left hand. I got myself back to my car and drove carefully to the Canberra hospital where I…

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My Heart Story by Janice de Jager

My story began in the early afternoon of Saturday, November 24, 2018. That day I had my regular stall at the Moruya Country Market, and was packing my car ready to drive home. A fellow stallholder came over and asked how my morning had been. Apparently I said that it had been a bit slow, and then I collapsed, turning…

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Tarran Savage Story – How his Friends Saved him from Cardiac Arrest

Only one in ten survive a cardiac arrest. Together we can beat that by remembering these three simple steps: 1. Call – Emergency Triple Zero (000) 2. Push – on the chest hard and fast 3. Shock – with a defibrillator 22-year-old Tarran collapsed and stopped breathing during a game of indoor soccer. He hopes this video will help Canberrans…

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