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Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society 2023 conference in Hong Kong

Last year Canberra Heart Rhythm attended and presented at APHRS 2023 in Hong Kong, where the team made various presentations along with posters. The conference was a great success for the team with 12 presentations including the Late Breaking Presentation by Prof. Pathak, along with 3 poster presentations. This success has been fantastic to engage the team in the research field, expand understanding of electrophysiology and has been a great experience as a team.

Oral Presentations

Ventricular tachycardia originating from Para Hisian region: electrocardiographic and catheter ablation characteristics – Adriana Tokich

Clinical, electrophysiological characteristics and long-term catheter ablation outcomes of premature ventricular contractions originating from mitral annulus -Natasha Jones-Lewis

Coupling Interval is associated with premature ventricular complex related symptoms – Natasha Jones-Lewis

Impact on LVEF in patients with mid-range Cardiomyopathy with physiologic pacing – Lukah Tuan

Efficiency and feasibility of left bundle branch pacing in heart failure patients – Lukah Tuan

Left bundle branch pacing efficiency, feasibility and long-term outcome: a prospective cohort study – Lukah Tuan

Correlation between frontal axis of QRS and improvement in LV ejection fraction in patients with left bundle branch area pacing for CRT – Dr. Jenish Shroff

Safety, Efficacy and long-term outcome of the catheter ablation of idiopathic PVC in a single-center prospective cohort study – Dr. Jenish Shroff

Managing alcohol consumption as a risk factor in patients with atrial fibrillation – Prof. Pathak

Future of Pacing, A clinical-focused and interactive meeting – Prof. Pathak

Current Indications for CSP – Prof. Pathak

Late breaking presentation in the Efficiency of Left Bundle Pacing verses Biventricular Pacing in cardiac resynchronization therapy patients – Prof. Pathak

Poster Presentations

Ideal voltage cut off to define low voltage zone in left atrium that would predict need for redo atrial fibrillation ablation – Dr. Jenish Shroff

Diagnosis to ablation time predicts recurrent atrial fibrillation and need for redo catheter ablation following pulmonary vein isolation – Dr. Jenish Shroff

Patient characteristics and five-year clinical outcomes of patients with heart failure with mid-range ejection fraction – Natasha Jones-Lewis

This success has boosted our knowledge and advancement in the academic field. We are thoroughly looking forward to the year head with numerous research opportunities. 

The 2024 APHRS conference which will be held in September in Sydney, and the whole team is very excited to present on out home ground.