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LEADR Left Bundle Branch Area Pacing (LBBAP)

We are excited to announce the use of the investigational Medtronic OmniaSecure™ defibrillation lead implanted in the Left Bundle Branch Area as a part of the LEADR LBBAP study. 

The lead has been studied in the first Medtronic study ‘LEADR’, which was published in the journal Heart Rhythm in 2024. 

The Medtronic-sponsored Lead Evaluation for Defibrillation and Reliability in Left Bundle Branch Area Pacing (LEADR LBBAP; NCT04863664) study is evaluating the safety and efficacy of the investigational OmniaSecure™ defibrillation lead when placed at the Left Bundle Branch Area in patients eligible for an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) or Left Bundle Branch-Optimized Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (LOT-CRT). Placing the defibrillation lead in the left bundle branch area is being evaluated as an alternative to traditional right ventricular stimulation for sensing, pacing, cardioversion and defibrillation. We are excited to have completed 3 cases to date, and also proud to announce that we are the first outside of the US to implant this new lead.