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Meet the Masters 2023 in Canberra, Australia

The Meet the Masters 2023 program was held in Canberra, Australia.

11 international doctors and allied health professionals came and visited Prof. Rajeev Pathak’s lab where he showcased his techniques and approach to Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy device implantation and programming. Prof Pathak showcased a total of 4 live workshops, 3 implantations and 1 CRT upgrade, all which were done with Left Bundle Branch Area Pacing.

It was a great honor to participate in this program, and provide training and insight to the visiting practitioners and allied health professionals. In addition to our current Canberra team and fellows, the following attendees came to Canberra, Australia to attend this wonderful program on the 24th and 25th of November 2023:

Dr. Sumanta Chatterjee from India

Dr. Kwang Roh Lee from Ajou University Hospital in Korea

Dr. Han Cheol Lee from NHIMC in Korea

Dr. Elizabeth Woollard from WA, Australia

Dr. Melinda Govindan from NSW, Australia

Mohsin Ahmed from Bangladesh

Sanjay Kumar from the Abbott Institute in India

You Tsz Kit from the Abbott Institute in Hong Kong

Hui Jeong Gim from the Abbott Institute in Korea

Sung Jin You from Korea

Ranhee Lee from Korea

Prof Pathak has been leading the Meet the Master Program over the years. For more information on this program and past events please visit;